Software engineer’s confession


Things I wish I knew when I was in college.

I come from a humble middle-class family. My father used to earn daily wages working hard the whole day. I never planned to do engineering. It happened by chance. So, I call myself Engineer by chance.

I am the very first engineer in my family. Before me, no one even graduated in my whole family. This brings lots of pride to me and my parents. But it has its own drawbacks as well.

I did not find any guidance or support in the family. Whatever I did was just because I learned forcefully or intentionally. I wasted a lot of my time and efforts doing waste things or not doing anything at all.

Today, standing at this point, I wonder if I knew one thing that matter the most to me and my family at that time.

Learning skills to earn money as early as possible

I and my parents were living in their own world. I was worried to secure good marks throughout the engineering and my parents were busy arranging the yearly fees day in, day out. (It was a big deal for them). I think it would have been more on my part. I was more responsible to make it easy for my parents. After all, it was my education.

I wish I knew that I can help my parents by using my technical skills to earn money by doing freelancing and consulting to clients and companies while studying. I could earn in Dollars($) & Pounds(£).

Leave Dollar and Pounds, even if I knew that I can earn money in INR while doing engineering, I would have done that. I realized this fact later, that to work as a software engineer one thing which matters the most is knowledge and skills, NOT THE ENGINEERING DEGREE.

This enlightenment came to me a little late in my career. While working full time for a company in India, I did freelancing :-). I worked for foreign clients and made huge money, which I used to fulfill my family responsibilities.

The purpose of writing this article is to let the students know what they missing in their life. Things that suppose to come early in life, if they come late then it is a lost opportunity, time, and most important life.

So, if you are a student then you are reading another software engineer’s life experience. Otherwise, if you landed on this article out of curiosity or mistakenly, hope this was worth reading. Spread the word so that engineering students or matter of fact any student know this very important thing early in their life and lead a purposeful life. Especially if they come from a middle-class family background.

This article has also been shot in video format on YouTube. Below is the link.




To enable software engineering students and struggling engineering graduates to take control of their career and development.

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Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar

To enable software engineering students and struggling engineering graduates to take control of their career and development.

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